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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will your software work on the current version of Windows/Windows Server?

Our software is written in VB6. It is 32 bit software while all the new computers are 64 bit. We have not tested the software on the newer systems but some of our customers have had success installing onto newer systems.

2. Are there any upgrades available?

We are no longer producing changes or upgrades for our software.

3. What system do you recommend we purchase to replace yours?

Our software is very customizable. No two customer installations look the same. For this reason, there is no one replacement software that will work for everyone. We recommend that you look at your needs and search for software that can demonstrate that it meets those needs.

4. How do I move my software to a new computer?

In order for your software to work on a new computer, you must run an installation program. There is an msi based installation available by clicking here. After downloading, the file must be renamed and then unzipped prior to use. The installation program does not install a new exe or data files. Those files typically will reside on a network server and you will need to create a shortcut to them.

For Citrix users, the above comments apply to new Citrix servers rather than to new computers.

If you move the data files, your software will need to be configured to point to the new location. Normally, the software will prompt you to make the adjustments the first time you run it after moving the data. You can also make the adjustments or check the location settings under File | Locations.

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